I’ve had a love affair with writing since I was a child.  I spent my teen years writing volumes of poetry.  Now in my thirties, I’ve tackled writing two novels.  I also publish articles for yahoo and local websites.  These pages features some of my work.



My original blogging project, The Relationship Academic.

Relationships have long fascinated me.  During my graduate studies at the University of Michigan- Flint, I undertook a study designed to understand dating and relationships.  

Founded in 2011, The Relationship Academic, is the outreach project of the reluctant academic, relationship advice  blogger, public speaker, and college instructor, Bridget Smith-Botos.  Smith-Botos currently holds a Master of Arts in Social Science from The University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Grand Valley State University.  She is currently perusing a second Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management.