In reading romance novels I’ve found that most of the female characters project this tough façade only to later crumble at the first sign of romance.   I find that women are much more complex than these often flat and stereotypical characters.  That’s where I began the ‘Butterfly’ series. In Book 1: To Detroit, With Love:

Alexis wasn’t looking for love, when former boy band singer Craig Harris, wouldn’t take no for an answer.  She thought she had everything wanted.  She had a burgeoning career as a college instructor.  She bought her first house in a funky suburb of Detroit.  She had a close-knit group of friends that had become like family. Alexis thought she was living out her dreams.  That was until a chance encounter had brought her childhood crush into her life.  Eventually, Alexis lowers her walls and accepts his love.  But, can love really conquer all?  With his new album being released and Alexis’s college boyfriend begging for her hand in marriage, can she handle a relationship with a man she has to share with the public?  Does she want to? 

Bridget has had a long standing love affair with pop culture which led her from a career as a radio disc jockey to a college sociology instructor. With an unyielding desire to make sense of the world around her, Bridget is known for taking social theory from the realm of the obscure to the forefront of pop culture. Bridget is a constant advocate for Detroit, Women, and Minorities. Her graduate research led her to become an expert on human relationships and navigating the digital social revolution.   A lover of life and a lover of all things Michigan, Bridget calls Detroit home.

‘To Detroit, With Love’  is the first the Butterfly series that chronicle modern day women and their struggles to balance life, careers, and romance.  I’m currently writing the second novel, which focuses on Alexis’s best friend Madelyn as she struggles to find her own path.  Book three, Ready for Air, is nearly complete, with a late 2016 release date. 

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