Writing served as a form of therapy for me as a teenager. I wrote poems that today’s ’emo kids’ would be surprised at. But, it helped me to see the world in a different light. It gave me time to reflect and put things into perspective.

After that, writing became academic for me. I spent most of my twenties, and on into my thirties in college. I hold too many degrees that cause me to question my academic ambitions. I hold an Associates in Arts from Grand Rapids Community College. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Grand Valley State University. I hold a Master of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Michigan- Flint. I also hold a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management from Argosy University. That’s too many degrees for one person.

But, it was during my first masters degree that I really found what interested me in writing. I’m always searching for ‘why’. Why are people racist? Why are they homophobic? Why do people choose to date online? Often questions lead to more questions instead of answers and writing provided a mechanism for me to explore them.

A question that I still struggle with is, why do women in romance novels sacrifice everything for love? Does love inherently make you a different person? Should you throw away your life for the man of your dreams?

Unfortunately, the answer I received in most books in the romance genre is, yes. In order to be in love, a woman should sacrifice everything for love. Love will make you a different person entirely. And, yes, you should throw away your life for the man of your dreams. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure the couple gets married within a month of meeting too.

I wasn’t satisfied with those answers, and that’s why I began writing romance novels. Let’s be honest here. Real love, is rarely easy. Love is messy. Two strong-willed people rarely agree on everything. Love takes commitment. Love takes communication. Love takes work.

My novels are lighthearted easy reads. I’ve spent enough time in academic writing that I’m over the heavy reads. Instead, I write books that I want to read. My heroines are strong and career minded. They also have a sense of humor. While a relationship can change someone, that change should come from within.

My first book, To Detroit, With Love is now available on Amazon for Kindle. (More formats will follow.) It’s the story of a young college instructor who is living a life that she carefully built for herself. She has no interest in falling in love and getting married. That is, until, her childhood crush walks back into her life.

Of course, I’m also not a serious person all the time. I love pop music and pop culture. I’ve had an obsession with boy bands since the 2nd grade. The male hero in the first novel is the former lead singer of a boy band. While he is not based on any particular person, Fans of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys may notice some influence. I wanted to write a male romantic interest that, for once, was not a complete jerk.

At it’s core, To Detroit With Love is about falling in love without losing sight of who you are. Alexis learns to make some sacrifices, but she doesn’t give up who she is just because she fell in love. Instead, the couple works together to make their relationship work, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

To Detroit, With Love is available on Amazon.com for $3.99

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